Dragon Quest X [PC] #303, Version 3.0 Start: Grand Titus: Festival Interrupted

Dragon Quest X [PC] #303, Version 3.0 Start: Grand Titus: Festival Interrupted

Dragon Quest X [PC] #303, Version 3.0 Start: Grand Titus: Festival Interrupted

Dragon Quest X [PC] #303, Version 3.0 Start: Grand Titus: Festival InterruptedShadow of play buttonPlay button
■Published2021-07-17 21:30:10
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This is video #303 in my Dragon Quest X for PC gameplay series.

Previously, Davilas carried out the Item Master vocation quest line. Now, he will at last get started on the story for Version 3.0, the game's second major expansion.

Davilas resumes in his house in the Azlan Housing Area. In his mailbox, he receives payment for items that sold on the bazaar. He also receives a couple of event messages. He may soon work on the Summer event, but not in this video. Davilas also goes to the bazaar to list some loot that he did not have room to list previously.

Davilas also checks his Stamp Cards. Originally, starting Version 3.0 required the player to have completed all the glowing quests on the cards. Most of these glowing quests are substory quests on each continent. This requirement may no longer be in effect, but you definitely have to have cleared Version 2.4 and defeated that expansion's final boss. In Davilas's case, he has done every quest on all the Stamp Cards, which will let him earn some good rewards from King Arios in Gran Zedoura.

When he is ready to set out, Davilas Zooms to Megistoris.

Megistoris Castle Town (time 6:36):

Davilas visits the pub and hires a support party. It is worth noting that Version 3 bosses are nasty.

When Davilas has his party together, he Zooms to True Gran Zedoura with Anlucia's Zoom Stone.

True Gran Zedoura Castle (time 9:29):

Davilas arrives on Anlucia's balcony on 3F in the west tower. He heads into the main part of the castle and goes downstairs.

On floor 2F, Davilas enters the throne room and talks to King Arios at D-2. Since Davilas has completed Version 2.4 and has completed the glowing quests on the Stamp Cards, it is time for a celebration to kick of Version 3.0. However, starting Version 3.0 will temporarily block the ability to replay certain substory quest lines: Rangao, Verinaado, Gatara, Dorwaam, Tsusukuru, Azlan, and Megistoris. When Davilas agrees, King Arios gives him the Festival Invitation key item. Now, Davilas must go down to the docks and board the Grand Titus.

Davilas talks to King Arios again. King Arios rewards him for completing all the Stamp Cards. Davilas earns the following: a Gold Casino Coin Ticket for completing 3 Stamp Cards, 30 Gold Bars for completing 4 Stamp Cards, 3 Skill Books for completing 5 Stamp Cards, a Zoom Stone for completing 6 Stamp Cards, 3 Skill Books for completing 7 Stamp Cards, and 5 Golden Petals for completing 8 Stamp Cards. Golden Petals sell for 100,000 gold apiece when sold at an NPC shop! Still, the additional Zoom Stone is probably the most precious of all the rewards. For completing all these Stamp Cards, Davilas earns the accolade "Stamp By Me".

After all this, Davilas goes down to floor 1F. He uses the elevator at E-7 to go down to the Gran Zedoura Docks.

True Gran Zedoura Docks (time 18:31):

At F-4, Davilas talks to Urgo. He presents the Festival Invitation to board the Grand Titus. A scene takes place as Davilas boards the ship.

Grand Titus (time 20:36):

When Davilas is aboard the ship, an interesting scene takes place with Princess Anlucia and a charming fellow. A fellow named Chion. Interesting.

After the scene, Davilas gains control at E-2 on 1F. He heads inside and goes upstairs to 2F.

In the northern cabin on 2F, he talks to Connie, the maid at D-2. She offers to let Davilas get some rest until the festival is ready. Davilas accepts.

While Davilas is resting, he has a dream of his sibling, Talint. The game gives the player an opportunity to set the sibling's age and appearance again, but not gender. I didn't check to see how I designed Talint originally, so he will look a bit different now.

At the end of the dream, Connie awakens Davilas. Anlucia has arranged to have outfits for him in the wardrobe.

After regaining control, Davilas checks the wardrobe. He shows off the available temporary costumes. Unfortunately, they will only be available during the festival on the Grand Titus. Some are pretty dapper. A couple are sublimely ridiculous.

Next, Davilas talks to Minister Kolshu at D-4. He chooses to enter the ballroom.

A scene takes place as Davilas enters the ballroom. King Arios greets him. The heads of state from the six continents' realms are present, and King Arios wants Davilas to talk to all of them.

After the event, Davilas is free to mingle in the ballroom. He must speak to King Bagdo of Glen and King Grosnar of Gartland, who are together; Queen Dioure of Verinaado; King Nikoroi of Kamiharumui; King Urard of Dorwaam; Prince Raguas of Megistoris; and King Muunis of Arahagiiro. He can also talk to other familiar NPCs if he so desires.

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